List of Laboratory’s Equipment with respect to soil and rock mechanics :

  • Equipment soil sample preparation.
  • Full technical instrumentation for classification and determination of physical and mechanical characteristics of soil and rock samples.
  • Consolidation apparatus: 24 pieces
  • Unconfined compression apparatus: 2 pieces
  • Direct shear apparatus: 3 pieces, equipped with 8 shear boxes. Sample diameters: 60mm-100mm
  • Ring shear apparatus (1 unit).
  • Rock shear box apparatus. (1 unit, 3 casting moulds)
  • Hydraulic frame R.M.U. 2000 kN for concrete and rock specimen testing.
  • Hydraulic frame DIGICON 2000 kN for concrete and rock specimen testing.
  • Point load apparatus (1 unit).
  • Electronic load frames: TRITECH 50 kN, TRISCAN 50 kN (2 pieces), TRITECK 100 kN.
  • GDS computerized triaxial system (2 controllers)
  • CBR and PROCTOR apparatus for compaction testing.
  • Full instrumentation for execution of any type of triaxial test (12 cells, pressure transducers, volume change transducers e.t.c.). Sample diameters: 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 100mm)
  • Full instrumentation for constant / falling head permeability tests
  • Fully equipped laboratory with automated system of simultaneously stored data in digital format within the laboratory software unit MPX32 (2 x 32 = 64 channels).
  • Special testing equipment for various geotechnical tests (e.g. pinhole test, viscosity determination, e.t.c.).
  • Gereneral laboratory instruments (ovens, hotplates, balances, e.t.c.).
  • Spectrophotometer HACH Co DR/2010.
  • Electronic conductivity device.
  • Electronic pH-meter.
  • Electronic scanner and strain meter UCAM-1A (KYOWA).

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