GEOGNOSI’s S.A. geotechnical and geoenvironmental laboratory first operated in November 1983 and still provides state of the art services in the field of soil, rock and ground water testing. It operates in an atmosphere - controlled room (airconditioned, with dustextractors etc), covering an area of 230 m2.  The laboratory permanent staff includes 6 qualified scientists and technicians.

  • Complete apparatus sets for typical classification tests and measurements of physical characteristics of soil and rock samples.
  • Complete apparatus sets for testing the resistance and compressibility of soil and rock samples (unconfined strength, triaxial and shear tests, vane test, oedometer test, e.t.c., including ring shear, residual shear tests, controlled stress path triaxial tests, rock shear).
  • Apparatus for particular tests (Maximum density, CBR, soil permeability, erosion control) as well as tests of cement and bentonite mixtures.
  • Apparatus for geoenvironmental testing (pH, titrator, spectrophotometer, etc).

GEOGNOSI's laboratory is fully computerised with a central digital recording unit, which allows the automatic reception processing of data recordings and presentation of respective results. The laboratory’s quality control is based on internal established standards procedures, certified by the Hellenic Ministry of Enviromental and Public Works, which include equipment calibration and controlled laboratory testing procedures.

Since 2006 the company is a registered user of AGS format Edition 3.1 for geotechnical data presentation.

GEOGNOSI’s S.A. laboratory has been licensed for operations by the Hellenic Ministry of Environmental and Public Works and is being accredited according to EN 45001/ISO 17025.

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