GEOGNOSI S.A. is a major engineering consulting firm, established in 1983. It is registered at the Greek National Bureau of Engineering Consulting Firms (Γ.Ε.Μ.) with registration number 232. GEOGNOSI S.A. possess the highest “E Level” of certification in Greece, with regards to geotechnical engineering investigations, analyses and design. The establishment is supported by 13 Senior Partners, most of them (11 out of 13) have also a degree in Civil Engineering and post-graduate studies in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.

GEOGNOSI S.A. is considered to be amongst the top 3 geotechnical companies in Greece and is situated between the 20th and 30th position amongst all Hellenic Engineering Consulting companies of all kinds.

GEOGNOSI’s S.A. permanent staff of 25 people, mainly consisting of qualified scientists and technicians specialized in geotechnical, geological and geoenvironmental investigations and design, guarantees the high quality of our consulting services.

GEOGNOSI’s S.A. Board of Directors consists of the following Senior Partners :

  1. Naskos Nikolaos, Dr. Civil Engineer, Managing Director
  2. Karatzovalis Kyriakos, Civil Engineer, President of the BOARD & General Manager
  3. Tsatsos Nikos, M. Eng. Civil Engineer, Head of Engineering Projects site
  4. Dimaras Konstantinos, Geologist, Head of Filed Works
  5. Mavridis George, Dr. Civil Engineer, Head of IT Department site

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