The design department employees civil engineers (most of them with postgraduate studies) specialised in Geotechnical, Geological and Geoenvironmental Engineering, and in conjunction with a scientific library of computer software programs, can carry out analysis and structural design in the following domains:

  • Foundation and retaining structures
  • Earth works (embankments, cuts, road construction, earth dams, underground structures, reinforced earth structures, soil nailing, retaining, stabilization of landslides e.t.c.)
  • Specific applied problems of soil and rock mechanics
  • Underground hydraulics, water flow and dewatering.
  • Environmental risk assessment and geochemical fixation

Among others, GEOGNOSI S.A. presents:

  • Increased Geotechnical activity, research and designs in Greece with approximately 180 geotechnical - geological designs carried out every year in house for the public sector, the private sector as well as for construction companies. More than 3300 projects have been successfully completed during the 28 years of the company’s activity.
  • Extensive experience on providing consulting engineering services in the field of foundations, retaining structures, underground hydraulics e.t.c. fields, as well as for specialty projects relating to monument repairs.
  • Extensive research projects in activity with foreign research institutes and companies.
  • Participation in conferences and publication of articles or books by individual or groups of GEOGNOSI’s S.A. scientific consultants and associates in the geotechnical & geological fields.

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