The internal network of GEOGNOSI S.A. includes 55 PC connected with network speeds up to 1000Mbits/sec. Network operations are supported by 6 servers that perform file server, print-server, web-server, mail-server, ftp-server and name server operations.

The internet connection with is continuous via ADSL line. Company users apart from internet access, are also provided with email service, backup services, as well as use of common resources network printers, scanners, network drives and files exchange capabilities.

All company computers are supported by a central virus system protection with automatic daily update. The company employes a permanent computer specialised scientist for company computer resources.

Company software includes operation systems, word processing, cad drawing drafting, management – finance, special geotechnical programs, (142 commercial licenses of various programs, 40 roughly installations free programs and 210 roughly private installations of mainly specialised scientific programs, developed by company executives during long-lasting operation of GEOGNOSI S.A.).

Since 1992, the company laboratory is completely organised with a central database of recording processing and presentation of results (SOILAB), developed by the company, that is ensures the reliability and precision of complicated geotechnical laboratory tests.

Since 1998, the company has developed an internal project management database that supports design technical works, scheduling, finances.

In particular, some special programs available for the treatment of geotechnical data and conducting audits and calculations are:

  • SOILLAB: A computer program for the analysis, interpretation and presentation of the various soil tests and borehole logs (windows environment, N. Naskos, 1992-93). (view .pdf output sample)
  • PCSTABL7: Numerical analysis and graphical presentation of slope stability problems  (Purdue University, USA).
  • PETAL: Slope Stability Software (Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chausses)
  • larixLARIX-2, LARIX-3, LARIX-4: Computer programms for the analysis of retaining structures (Cubus, 1998).
  • FAGUS 4: A computer program dimensioning of reinforced and prestressed conrete, stell and mixed sections of random slope (EC2, ΝΕΚΣ, DIN, SIA, OEN, EH, BS κ.α.) (Cubus)
  • FES: A computer program for the design of retaining structures with anchors (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University).
  • COM 622: A computer program for analysis of laterally loaded piles. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University).
  • ZSTRESS: A computer program for calculation of vertical stresses due to surface load.  (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University).
  • RESLOPE 3.0:Analysis of geosynthetic reinforced steep slopes (IFAI, USA Army Corps of Engineers).
  • FOSSA 2.0 : FOSSA 2.0 is an interactive program for assessing stresses and settlements  under embankment and footing acting on horizontal ground surfaces (Adama Eng. Inc., 2008)
  • DENEPOLA: A computer program for pile design under horizontal loading (Laboratoire Central des Ponts et chaussees).
  • SAP 90: A computer program for static analysis for structure elements, beams, frames, slables. (University of Berkeley, California)
  • CONSOL: Πρόγραμμα υπολογισμού καθιζήσεων αναχωμάτων από μονοδιάστατη στερεοποίηση Westergaard (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
  • CWALSHT: A computer program for analysis of retaing walls with or without anchors (Corps of Engineers of US Army, Jan. 1991).
  • plaxisPLAXIS: A geotechnical design software package based on finite elements. Professional versions 8. (PLAXIS  B.V., 1994).
  • DIPS 5.0: Plotting, analysis and presentation of structural data using spherical projection techniques (Rocscience Inc.).
  • RocFall 4.02: Aνάλυση επικινδυνότητας για πτώση βράχων σε απότομα πρανή (Rocscience Inc., 1990)
  • Phase2 6.0: Phase2 6.0 is a powerful 2D elasto-plastic finite element stress analysis program for underground or surface excavations in rock or soil. It can be used for a wide range of engineering projects and now includes built-in finite element groundwater seepage analysis and finite element slope stability. (Rocscience Inc.)
  • AllPile v7.0 : Allpile 7 is a software package that calculate ultimate burring capacity settlements and vertical, horizontal and modules of sub grand reaction for isolate pile and/or of for pile group
  • SWEDGE 5.0 : Probabilistic analysis of the geometry, stability and support of surface wedges in rock slopes (Rocscience Inc.).
  • WALLAP 5.03 : WALLAP is a powerful, fast and user-friendly program for analysing the stability of cantilevered and propped retaining walls. WALLAP is suitable for the analysis of both temporary works, such as sheet pile walls, and permanent works such as reinforced concrete diaphragm walls and contiguous bored pile walls. (GEOSOLVE, 2004)
  • larixTALREN 4 : Stability analysis program for geotechnical structures along potential failure surfaces.  The program considers soil inclusion interaction (nail, anchor, brace, reinforcing strip, geotextile, pile, micropile, sheetpile) (TERASOL, 2005)
  • BOR-LAB: Borehole log presentation and statistical analysis of geotechnical laboratory tests (N. Naskos, 1995).
  • K-WATER: A computer program of calculate and presentation inflow test results (N. Naskos, 1994)
  • P 4014: A computer program for calculating pile bearing capacity (Ν. Naskos - G. Mavridis, 1996-2007) (view .pdf output sample)
  • SETL4, SETL5: Calculation of settlement with time analysis (N. Naskos - G. Mavridis, 1996-1999). (view .pdf output sample)
  • SETL-PARA: Parametric settlement calculation of shallow foundations (G. Mavridis, 1998). (view .pdf output sample)
  • H-B: Shear strength characteristics of rock-mass according to Hoek-Brown (N. Naskos, 1995).
  • BEARING: Parametric analysis of the allowable footing pressure (N. Naskos, 1994).
  • flacFLAC 3.4: A geotechnical design software package for analysis of tunnels and any other geotechnical structure (Itasca Consulting Group Inc., 1996).
  • LIQUE-RISK: Parametric Liquefaction risk analysis according to EUROCODE 8 (N. Naskos, 1997).
  • PRE-PCS: Interface for PCSTABL6 (G. Mavridis, 1998-2002) (view .pdf output sample)
  • PRE-CWALSHT: Interface for CWALSHT (G. Mavridis, 1998-2002) ( view .pdf output sample)
  • BLogPro v1.2: Τhe BLogPro is a software to create soil borehole logs specially adjusted for the Geotechnical Engineer. (Geologismiki)
  • SteinN Pro v.1.2:SteinN Pro is a usefull software for contacting preliminary settlements calculation below a rectangular footing. All calculations are contacted according to the procedure described in DIN 4019. (Geologismiki)
  • SPTCorr v.2.2: SPTCorr is a simple software for estimating various soil properties from the Standard Penetration Test blow count. SPT is a widely and most frequently used in-situ test for geotechnical exploration. (Geologismiki)
  • LiqIT v 4.7: LiqIT is a software for the assessment of soil liquefaction potential based on commonly used field data.(Geologismiki)
  • StoneC v.3.4: StoneC is a software that performs design calculations of vibro replacement. (Geologismiki)
  • CLiq v.1.3: GeoLogismiki, in collaboration with Gregg Drilling Inc. and Prof. Peter Robertson, is pleased to announce the availability of our new CPT soil liquefaction assessment software. (Geologismiki)
  • SectionMaker v.2.0: SectionMaker is an add-on module for our CPeT-IT software. It provides an easy to use CAD like interface for the creation of 2D cross sections based on the typical geotechnical sections previously defined in CPeT-IT. (Geologismiki)
  • SteinP 3DT v.1.6: SteinP 3DT is a usefull software for contacting settlements calculation taking into consideration the influence of nearby footing elements. The footing elements can be rectangular, circular or of arbitrary shape. (Geologismiki)
  • SPAS 2009 v.2.0: SPAS 2009 is a simple seismic signal processing and analysis software. (Geologismiki)
  • CPeT-IT v.1.6: CPeT-IT is an easy to use yet detailed software package for the interpretation of Cone Penetration Test (CPTu) data. (Geologismiki)

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